Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

via Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


Okay so not the best picture ever but of course I had to write about this photo prompt and I couldn’t pick a photo so I just went with my most recent one. But I think it fits perfect, I took it as I drove and it’s just nothing but highway and clouds and the possibilities could be endless.

What can I say about wanderlust… basically I am trying to live life around that concept! Workamping lets you choose a destination and go. You get to live there for as long as the job lets you, or as long as you want in some places. You get to go to this new place and explore as much as you possibly can! Most workamping jobs are only part time, so you have plenty of time to go and explore the surrounding area but I have also seen full time jobs if that’s what you need! Some pay you cash, most give you a place to live in exchange for work, specially if all you need are hook ups for your rv/trailer, some give you a little of both.

And the jobs are everywhere!! I have seen jobs in like 49 out of the 50 USA states. And that’s probably cuz getting an rv/trailer to Hawaii might be hard haha. But I have also seen jobs for Canada and England and New Zeland and Australia. And I’m sure that there are other people in other countries doing the same thing!

So what I’m trying to say is that there is really just a plethora of jobs out there waiting for you. I am currently writing this on my iPhone at a rest stop somewhere in Idaho because two days ago it was our last day at our first workamping job, now we are on our way to Colorado to start our next one!

Despite all the crappy stuff I tend to focus on and rant about here on my blog, this way of life is truly amazing. I encourage everyone to try it,  let go of that comfort zone, buy an rv and go. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in my life or my relationship or what, but I know that at least for the next few years workamping is what I want to do.



How it started

My fiancé has always loved the outdoors, he is happiest when out biking, backpacking, hiking, climbing etc. so after a car accident that left him with a herniated disk in his back, things looked pretty bleak. He lost his job, his anxiety and depression were getting harder and harder for him to manage, and he kept turning to alcohol and prescription pills for comfort. We started planning a trip for him to get out of the city and go out and enjoy the desert for a few months, and hopefully get him out of the funk.  But the more we planned the more excited we got, and the more we realized that we were running out of savings, I was the only working full time and living in the city was expensive. With what we paid for rent alone we could pay off a cheap motor home in just a few months.

We always knew we were going to be living in a small space because we were both fascinated with tiny houses, so downsizing wasn’t a big deal to us. We rushed into the decision; we knew we needed to get the ball rolling fast before our savings went away and before he lost what little bit of control he had left of himself to his depression and addiction. We were lucky that we had and still have an amazing support system in our lives. Our parents and family members have been wonderful and supportive, maybe a little apprehensive but that’s understandable.

We have had our trailer for about 6 months, and in those 6 months we broke the hydraulic jack by dragging it because we forgot to lift it, we caught our awning on a tree branch and tore it, we bent our tow hitch on our truck, and we just found a hole under the trailer that we think a mice made. Our first two months we had no plans, we moved from the city to the St. George desert in Utah and boondocked out in public land. Then finally we got hired on our first job in Forks, Washington.

I am 24 and he is 28, we plan on doing this hopefully for at least 5 years,  after that we will see where we are and decide from there. Right now we are just excited to be away from the city.  We know we still have many challenges ahead of us, but we feel like being young gives us an advantage, because even though we are inexperience we can be molded into anything that any employer might need of us.

Some days are worse than others, my fiancé is still struggling, but every day that he is able to get up and be clean is an accomplishment we would not have in the city. Being out on the road gives us a sense of freedom, and happiness we have never experienced. We are seriously broke, where we don’t eat anything but ramen or rice or oatmeal for weeks, and we don’t have propane, but luckily we do have power and water and we have met the most kindest of people that are willing to help us. We are loving every minute of this experience. We both strongly believe that the most important part is that we are doing what we felt was right for us, and that we tried it out and even if the outcome isn’t ideal, we still have a great story to tell our grandchildren.