Dear Old Man

Dear Old Man,

I work for you, you are not my father, you are not my friend, your opinion is not wanted nor welcomed. You think my lifestyle sucks ass, you think that because I’m a millennial I don’t know what hard work is. You think I am entitled and spoiled because my parents gave me everything they could. You think that you are better because you grew up in a generation that had to work for everything they had with out any new technology. This is what I have to say about that. Fuck you.

Fuck you, and your opinion. I did not come here to get a lecture, I did not come here for you to dictate my life. I am not your daughter, I am not your niece, or even someone you know enough to make any of those judgements. You don’t know who I am or what I am capable of. You have known me for less than a month. I work for you, you should be telling me how grateful that a young couple has fallen into your lap and is willing to do this kind of work for you. You should realize what blessing it is to have able bodies working for you. I will leave and someone will appreciate me and my youth. And you? You will get a regular workamper who is retired, that may or may not have the stamina of a young 25 year old. Who may or may not be as fast. I am not denying that they will probably have more knowledge, more wisdom, more experience under their belt. But can they lift 100+ lbs.? Can they run around for 8 hours straight during one of your banquets serving and busing tables and cleaning and picking up thrash? How many retired people have you seen working at a restaurant? Either as a server, bar tender, or cook?

You know you need me, us, more than we need you. You know that we will find another job within the week. You know you don’t have your shit together and are trying to blame me for your lack of preparedness. You’re right, if I leave this job the next workamping job will have me do the exact same thing that you are having me do. But they may not be jerks like you and your son, they may be more organized and more prepared and more knowledgeable, they may be nicer and more dedicated. You are not about to tell me that you think this is the very best there is, because if thats what you think then you are so full of yourself.

I feel good about myself, I am happy about my life choices. When I am old I won’t care about material things, I will care about all the wonderful memories I have all over the beautiful states. I will remember my adventures fondly, and you will be so irrelevant I will not remember you.

Let me catch you up (with pictures)

We got to Colorado without the trailer, cuz it was getting worked on. We have a love hate relationship with work, but I mean is manageable.


Plus this place is gorgeous!!!


Okay so then we went back to Utah, and we finally made our engagement official!

Then our truck broke down and my parents had to come rescue us and we got to haul our trailer back with a dodge durango, and now we are back in Colorado.


Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

via Photo Challenge: Wanderlust


Okay so not the best picture ever but of course I had to write about this photo prompt and I couldn’t pick a photo so I just went with my most recent one. But I think it fits perfect, I took it as I drove and it’s just nothing but highway and clouds and the possibilities could be endless.

What can I say about wanderlust… basically I am trying to live life around that concept! Workamping lets you choose a destination and go. You get to live there for as long as the job lets you, or as long as you want in some places. You get to go to this new place and explore as much as you possibly can! Most workamping jobs are only part time, so you have plenty of time to go and explore the surrounding area but I have also seen full time jobs if that’s what you need! Some pay you cash, most give you a place to live in exchange for work, specially if all you need are hook ups for your rv/trailer, some give you a little of both.

And the jobs are everywhere!! I have seen jobs in like 49 out of the 50 USA states. And that’s probably cuz getting an rv/trailer to Hawaii might be hard haha. But I have also seen jobs for Canada and England and New Zeland and Australia. And I’m sure that there are other people in other countries doing the same thing!

So what I’m trying to say is that there is really just a plethora of jobs out there waiting for you. I am currently writing this on my iPhone at a rest stop somewhere in Idaho because two days ago it was our last day at our first workamping job, now we are on our way to Colorado to start our next one!

Despite all the crappy stuff I tend to focus on and rant about here on my blog, this way of life is truly amazing. I encourage everyone to try it,  let go of that comfort zone, buy an rv and go. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in my life or my relationship or what, but I know that at least for the next few years workamping is what I want to do.


Our Trailer Sucks

Okay so if you have read my other posts you know what a chaos my personal life is, but I wanted this blog to be more than just the sad stories of everyday life. We live in a travel trailer and we started to do something call workamping. I have posted maybe twice about this and while I rant I have mentioned it. But I really wanted to blog about that because it is awesome! Like things suck, but if this goes well it’s gonna be amazing you know?

We have a Jayco, Jayflight 23RB in case you were wondering. It is 23 feet of living space, so like maybe 200sq feet? I don’t know many measurements. Anyway, it is falling apart!

Cam tore the awning because he spent like two hours dragging the trailer all through downtown Seattle, because he was looking for you know what, and then he finally found some and couldn’t wait 30 more seconds to park somewhere safe so he decided to just pull of on the side of this road. And once he was doing done his business, he pulled away and we heard a crack. He hit some tree and caught the branches in the awning and completely tore it. I mean the canvas was torn, the arm things where bent, the cables where cut. We had been in Washington for like two days when that happened. I should have known that was a bad omen.

Okay so that’s how it started. Kinda. Then once we where at our work camp spot, we noticed our hitch was bent. And then we noticed there was a hole under the trailer. So as time went by we kept getting mice inside our trailer. But it’s so wet we can’t really patch it up. Then we started to get mold everywhere. Then our bed broke, so we sleep all slanted. Then something in our bathroom is leaking. We don’t know if it’s the shower head or the faucet or the tub. But then we noticed it does it when it rains a lot too, so we don’t know what it could be but we have all kinds of water damage from that. Then our stove was leaking too?? And the kitchen outlet doesn’t work, and neither does the outlet in our bathroom. And the light in our bedroom is broken too, and the fan over the kitchen doesn’t work either. And then just recently the diverter from the faucet in our shower is being finicky so sometimes we can shower but sometimes we can’t. And our door lock doesn’t work either, it’s like stuck and we have tried to fix it but I think overtime we have made it worse. Oh and we broke our towel rack too. And we lost the cover to our propane tanks.

So that’s whats wrong with our trailer. I may have forgotten some things, but in a nut shell that’s it. I hope once we drive back home, we can get it into the shop and have it looked at or something. We don’t have much time between jobs and I really don’t want to risk loosing the next job!